Our Manifesto

It’s about giving those that are cut-off a platform to project their voice loud enough so the people at the front can hear.

It’s examining the makeup of policies, not taking no for an answer when faced by racist agendas and using data to challenge hard nosed corporate agendas. 

It’s daring to question unrelenting bureaucracy whilst breaking through its walls and driving equitable policies forward.

It’s disrupting racial hierarchies in order to confront the withering and suffering felt by millions everyday.

It’s silencing the naysayers and giving the silenced a voice.

It’s being at your side and guiding you whilst unafraid to tread hostile waters, it’s asking uncomfortable questions and fighting complicity. It’s working with clients that acknowledge exclusion exists whilst emboldening the excluded to be themselves.

It’s striving for a world where discussion about race and cultural training are the norm.


Its understanding we’ve still got a long way to go before we reach that place, alone its unattainable.


United we are part of something much stronger, we recognise potential, we can create an equitable future for everyone. Together we liberate, together educate, together triumph.

Advice & Consultancy

We work senior leaders and management teams to provide advice and guidance on strategic initiatives, we can help you plan your future ambitions.

Staff Network Support

We can help create, or support existing Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic staff networks to drive engagement, improve relationships. 

Making discussions about race the norm

Working with you to give the silenced a voice. 

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