Black and Asian Staff Support

We provide support to Black and Asian Staff who have experienced discrimination in the workplace. We address their healing through targeted support groups, workshops and coaching. We empower them to share their experiences and aspirations for their organisations. By helping to build and grow Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic staff networks, we amplify their voices, drive engagement, improve relationships with senior management and turn ideas into measurable actions.

Emotional Wellbeing in the workplace

Often, discussions about racism and equality focus on building awareness in others. Mabadiliko’s Emotional Wellbeing in the Workplace workshop will focus on the mental health and emotional wellbeing of those impacted by racial discrimination.
In this 3-hour session, we create a safe space for Black and other minoritised staff. The aim is to empower them with practical techniques to stay emotionally safe in the face of racial discrimination and moments that may feel harmful. This includes exploring themes such as internalised oppression. We also provide tools and language to help make these incidents teachable moments in a way that protects the impacted person and might provide critical learning for others.
Through attendance, our hope is that participants learn skills they can apply to their own lives, but that they can also share with others who may be struggling to understand and address their own mental health and the confidence to speak up.

Staff network capacity building

We understand that creating and managing an effective Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic network can be challenging. Based on an initial evaluation, we can support your network in a range of areas including:- Helping to participate in strategic goal setting including recruitment activity. Developing action plans and establishing feedback mechanisms. Identifying and harnessing talent. Developing and delivering events and managing resources.

Participant Testimonials

Gain insights from how our participants learned new behaviours and how it’s teaching them to combat complicity in the workplace.


We create behaviour change by providing a safe space for people from all races to discuss uncomfortable issues, self-reflect and learn critical antiracism tools. We work with you long-term, to ensure the changes stick.


We provide you with an independent view of the prevailing organisational culture relating to diversity and inclusion and help you assess the the risk and impact of discrimination within your organisation.

Making discussions about race the norm

Working with you to give the silenced a voice. 

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