At Mabadiliko CIC, we are passionate about creating workplaces and communities that are inclusive and provide equity for all racial groups. This means creating safe, open and honest spaces to talk about race, raising awareness about cultural biases and prejudices, driving behaviour change and sharing critical antiracism tools. We work to make sure that we amplify the voices of those who are often overlooked through our community engagement and research activity. This includes participating as a board member at multiple public service, charity and social purpose organisations such as Mind. We also provide culturally sensitive emotional support and resilience building tools for Black African and African Caribbean people experiencing racism and oppression in the workplace and wider community. As a community interest company, our social purpose is at the centre of everything we do.


Our primary goal is to create opportunities for open and honest conversations about race. We ensure that a full range of identities are highlighted and promoted because every group counts. We demonstrate empathy for everybody we work with and our mindful facilitation techniques mean there is no judgement. Ultimately, we use real life experiences to transform beliefs and behaviours.


Hillna Fontaine

CEO and Founder

Hillna trains professionals and institutions in Cultural Humility. She specialises in raising awareness of people’s cultural biases and prejudices and shines a light on how this affects us all especially in the workplace. How can we improve inequality if we are unaware of the baggage we are carrying around with us every day? 

Nadine Fontaine-Palmer PhD


Nadine is an experienced behavioural change and communications expert, specialising in the application of behavioural science and human-centred insights to organisational transformation. With almost 10 years in the consulting arena, primarily within global Big 4 consulting houses as an independent consultant, Nadine has a proven track record delivering improved business performance.

Suzanne Keys


Suzanne has 20 years’ experience working as a white counsellor in a diverse educational environment and as a trainer, supervisor and workshop facilitator. She continues to work on challenging her own internalised racism and how it impacts her daily counselling practice. She is a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.  

Ronald Bourne


Experienced Community Development professional with a demonstrated history of working with diverse Communities. Ronald has liaised with Voluntary Sector stakeholders to reduce inequalities in public policy outcomes experienced by Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities in London.



Wayne is a Psychotherapy Counsellor and Group-work Facilitator. He has spent many years working within various charities, especially focussed on the mental wellbeing and sexual health of those within the LGBTQ+ community. 


He has significant experience in counselling Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic individuals; in particular, gay asylum seekers. 


Facilitator and Project Manager

Makeda J Hewitt, a Transformational, life, Career and Executive results driven coach, a bespoke training programmes creator and a sought-after quality facilitator. Makeda is also a speaker, consultant and mediation specialist working across all sectors with leaders and teams influencing change through strategic and visionary challenges which includes equality to equity facilitation. Makeda coaches executives who find race and equity a management and organisational challenge and maintaining a keen interest in people and how life can impact on their growth path.



Calvin is an Independent Sexual Violence Advisor, working with Male victims of sexual violence, providing compassionate a practical support through the criminal justice system. He has worked as a Sexual Health Advisor, promoting safer sex and understanding around sexually transmitted infections, treatment and prevention.   Calvin has many years of experience working with vulnerable and marginalized people around complexed issues like sex, sexual violence and Identity.  Calvin takes a very intersectional view in understanding how systems and oppressions impact on people differently.   




Michael G Roper, Executive Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Trainer and Positive Prime Consultant. 

He creates transformational change using the latest developments in neuroscience and positive psychology. 

He has a BSc (Hons) in Global Business and a Fortune 500 background before transitioning to Entrepreneurship.

When not coaching he spends his time with family, researching ancient history, restoring Mercedes classics, and practising Martial Arts. 


adeola russell


Adeola is a director of Black Therapy Matters CIC, a non-profit organisation that supports Black and Minority Ethnic counselling and psychotherapy students through their training. She is an integrative counselling and psychotherapy student. However, professionally she transitioned from central government strategy to higher education lecturing, and then to corporate consultancy before beginning her psychotherapy and counselling training at the Minster Centre in London. She currently facilitates race awareness workshops and hosts regular online support groups for counselling and psychotherapy students.

royston john

Facilitator and Coach

Royston has over 20 years professional coaching and mentoring experience. His focus supported clients both in, and out of the working environment. These include Chief Executives, senior and middle managers  

Royston brings solid leadership, seeking always to create sustained learning; organisational change and personal developmental growth. This includes Board development; emotional intelligence; solving problems & conflict resolution skills whilst embracing equalities culture and identity initiatives.

Major projects include supporting Race Equity – LA Mayor; Metropolitan Police; NIHR and other public organisations.

Making discussions about race the norm

Working with you to give the silenced a voice

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