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At Mabadiliko CIC, we are passionate about creating workplaces and communities that are inclusive and provide equity for all racial groups. This means creating safe, open and honest spaces to talk about race, raising awareness about cultural biases and prejudices, driving behaviour change and sharing critical antiracism tools. We work to make sure that we amplify the voices of those who are often overlooked through our community engagement and research activity. This includes participating as a board member at multiple public service, charity and social purpose organisations such as Mind. We also provide culturally sensitive emotional support and resilience building tools for Black African and African Caribbean people experiencing racism and oppression in the workplace and wider community. As a community interest company, our social purpose is at the centre of everything we do.


Our groups help people to find their voice and break the silence often associated with discrimination and fear of reprisal. The topics discussed are guided by the group and often include: race, oppression and discrimination, Internalised racism, responding to (micro)aggressions and the emotional effects of Covid-19, health and wellbeing, family bonds, family structures and coping strategies.



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You really feel supported and it’s also nice to give your support to others. We  feel like we’re part of a community, we all care about each other, and it just feels so so real. I feel like in this space we can really truly talk about anything.

This person’s identity has been hidden due to the sensitive nature of the content.


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Thank you to Hillna who has been amazing in terms of running this group, supporting us all, giving us space, giving us time, thinking outside of the box and trying to make it creative. 

This person’s identity has been hidden due to the sensitive nature of the content.


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When I first joined, I was lacking a lot of confidence, I was quite withdrawn… I felt really into  myself. I was actually just reflecting yesterday… wow I’ve actually come so far.  I’ve seen a shift within myself and I know it has to do with this group. 

This person’s identity has been hidden due to the sensitive nature of the content.


We provide support to Black and Asian Staff who have experienced discrimination in the workplace. We amplify their voices, drive engagement, improve relationships with leaders and turn ideas into measurable actions.

Cultural Humility

We create behaviour change by providing a safe space for people from all races to discuss uncomfortable issues, self-reflect and learn critical antiracism tools. We work with you long-term, to ensure the changes stick.

Making discussions about race the norm

Working with you to give the silenced a voice

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