culturally sensitive mental health services

The 360 community aims to make healthcare more accessible for Black African / Black Caribbean individuals by sharing resources and knowledge regarding holistic health and wellness from industry professionals, to complement the advice of mainstream healthcare. They educate and inspire people to change their lifestyles to create better versions of themselves, and offer regular, weekly workshops in which you can expand your knowledge and questions to a variety of guest speakers.

Africa Advocacy Foundation (AAF) supports and empowers vulnerable and disadvantaged people. It is a community-led initiative that aims to equip diaspora communities and marginalised people with the tools they need to find better health, safety, prosperity and opportunity to lead fulfilling and happy lives. AAF empowers individuals to take control of their health and wellbeing through accurate information, advice, and guidance.

A community-based organisation assisting socially excluded members of the community such as ethnic minorities, refugees and asylum seekers and unemployed people in general. We give impartial, reliable and professional training, information, career advice and guidance. We can also provide advocacy and representation in certain circumstances.

The UK’s largest independent organisation specialising in working psychologically, informed by an understanding of intersectionality, with people who identify as Black, African, South Asian and Caribbean. One of the primary aims of BAATN is to address the inequality of access to appropriate psychological services for Black, African, South Asian and Caribbean people. Part of the solution to addressing this inequality of access is through the provision of events and training for members, the entire therapy community and the wider public.

BMM UK is a fully registered charity operating in the UK connecting Black individuals and families with free mental health services – by professional Black therapists to support their mental health. Their vision is to make mental health topics more relevant and accessible for all Black people in the UK, removing the stigma and remodelling the services to be relevant for the Black community.Cost: Free

SIRG CIC is an advocacy service specialising in Education Advocacy and Mental Health Advocacy. Our service also provides domiciliary care, telephone befriending and accredited Mental Health First aid training. Services for: Black African and Caribbean parents, young people and elders in need of advocacy.

culturally sensitive THERAPISTS & COUNSELLORS

Affordable Online Counselling and Therapy


I offer an initial 30-minute telephone meeting free of charge, when we can discuss your goals and I can answer any queries you might have. I will more fully explain the way in which I work and how we might best progress. We will also discuss our contract, confidentiality agreement, bookings, payment and cancellation procedures. If we agree to work together my rate is £30 per session. Sessions last for 50 minutes and I require payment in advance. I am able to offer some sessions at £10 for those in need and experiencing severe financial difficulty,

One-to-one, Couples, and Group Counselling

I’m a psychotherapeutic counsellor working in and around the London/Greater London area. I offer one-to-one, couples and group counselling (in person, on the telephone or online). I invite you to trust in the process of talking therapy, with an appreciation that it may well be challenging at times (especially during the initial stages), but, it offers the possibility of immeasurable personal benefit.

Trauma-informed therapy for adults


A UK based national community-focused counselling organisation made up of a team of qualified and experienced counsellors and psychotherapists. Mabadiliko Therapy is dedicated to offering a culturally sensitive, trauma-informed approach to talking therapy, for individuals aged 18 and over.



We provide emotional support to Black African and Caribbean communities. Based on an African-centred healing approach, we provide an alternative route to mental health support based on the specific needs of the community. These groups can be commissioned to supplement primary and secondary mental health services.


We provide support to Black and Asian Staff who have experienced discrimination in the workplace. We address their healing through targeted support groups, workshops and coaching. We empower them to share their experiences and aspirations for their organisations. By helping to build and grow Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic staff networks, we amplify their voices, drive engagement, improve relationships with senior management and turn ideas into measurable actions.

Making discussions about race the norm

Working with you to give the silenced a voice. 

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