I just wanted to catch up and tell you how I’ve been getting on since the Positive Self-Talk course finished.
Before the course started I was very depressed and anxious, especially around other people which interfered with my getting a job and having a social life.  I didn’t think I deserved to have a life, but the exercises we learned meant such thoughts could be challenged and a more “realistic” conclusions could be reached that are helpful in all areas of life: work, mental health, motivation, social life etc.  They were such long term conditions for me that I often doubted that they would ever improve. By the end of the course  I had started a job in retail and was able to recognise how much more confident I felt compared to other jobs I had worked at, especially returning after the heart attack and triple heart by-pass of last  year.  The job is great, am starting part-time and hope to increase my hours in the future.  Also, forming relationships with colleagues is easier than it ever has been.
Thank you so much Hillna.  Hope you can run the course again.