Developing cultural humility relies on a sustained programme of capability development.  Our approach works with those involved at each stage in the process from initial point of contact through treatment delivery.  We build capability, develop shared understandings, and enable the creation of internal organisational support networks to improve both care delivery and practitioner capacity

We offer three core programmes

Empathetic Patient Services

First Contact Staff

Delivering with Cultural
Competence & Empathy

Mental health Practitioners

Leading with Cultural
Competence & Empathy

Executive Course

Our Theory of Change

Our Interventions

Experiential cultural humility training
and seminars for a range of audiences.

A safe space to discuss urgent issues such as
unconscious bias, colour blindness, privilege
and internalised racism.

Tools and language to enable more effective conversations
and improve therapeutic outcomes.

Help participants identify and work with allies to
build capability within their organisations.


Our approach provides a range of benefits
across multiple levels, including:

Practitioners –improved capability and confidence
providing services to BAME communities. 

Organisations – increased accessibility of hard to reach
communities and a low-cost route to upskilling
your workforce.

Policy Makers – guidance on achieving cultural
humility from management to clinicians to office
and front-line staff.