Cultural Humility

There has been a lot of press coverage recently on unconscious bias and how this affects our thinking, what we say and how we make decisions. 

At Mabadiliko we know how important unconscious bias is, but we believe that it’s not sufficient to raise awareness of bias in our thinking.  We also need to understand the inherent systems and structures within our society that perpetuate discrimination, and how we as individuals can develop our leadership capability through an appreciation of race, personal humility and empathy.  Together we term these topics as Cultural Humility.

Although the details of each programme of work we undertake with a client is tailored to meet their specific needs, there are core issues which we find are in common with many clients.  This allows us to outline a ‘typical 7 step approach’ recognising that this may, or may not be the appropriate way forward for your organisation.

  1. Initial conversation 

    Before we embark on programme of work, however large or small, we are always prepared for a conversation with you, which is totally confidential, without obligation and without charge.

  2. Preparation and planning

    We work with you to design the most appropriate solution to the specific challenges you are facing, and within your timescales.

  3. Initial assessment 

    Where are we now? As part of the registration process, learners complete a questionnaire. The responses are used to inform the content of the workshop and collective result presented as graphs.  These graphs provide insight into where the organisation is in terms of its grasp of the issues surrounding racism and importantly, the truth from the perspective of their Black African, African Caribbean and Asian staff.

  4. Workshop Outcomes 

    Part 1: An opportunity for critical self-reflection and listening to the lived experience of people who are different to us.

    Part 2: A plan to mitigate against unconscious bias, power imbalance and what organisations and  individual Learners can do to become an ‘Anti-Racist’. I think we are all agreed, not being a racist hasn’t put an end to structural racism and oppression of communities we care about.

  5. Coaching

    One-to-one and group coaching to help ensure the individual learning from the workshops is embedded within the mindset and ways of working in your organisation.

  6. Mediation

    If required, Mabadiliko are available to help mediate in the event of disagreement.  Please note that we are not qualified lawyers and so we cannot advise on legal matters

  7. Periodic reviews

    Whatever the programme of work we undertake with you, we recommend that at least one review of progress is scheduled to help you stay on track.

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